Jan 30, 2013

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

So..... I had this huge ballet injury, cause ballet is so elegant.. to make the story short Im stuck in bed for another three months. It was basically impossible to post anything or to even think about that.

Now, with a little help from a really good friend - its gonna work! 

Anna Bozic, professor of french, Ema's mom, fabulous woman and one of my best friends.

The recipe was easy: merge closets and what's app a lot!
Anna and me, a very synchronized duet ever since we were kids. This should work just fine!

Here's our first post! Fluo is back!

 jacket and pants: h&m. top: Max&Co. shoes: Zara. earrings: Anna Dello Russo for h&m. clutch: bought somewhere in Split.

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