Feb 12, 2012

Something borrowed..

We kind of borrowed this post from another (AMAZING) blogger, Petra Nizetic, and we hope that she
won't mind:)
It's definitely something that has to be shared!
These photos were taken 27 years a go, in Split, Croatia, by legendary photographer Mr.Fedja Klaric.

We can't help but wonder: Were fashionistas of Split in 1985. braver than they are today?

Riva is still in the same place, 'in front of the bank' is still 'in front of the bank' (the most popular place to be when on Riva), Vespas are still all around, photographs are still being taken on that same Riva
..By the way, was Mr.Fedja a fashion blogger before fashion bloggers??
Everything seems the same, but is it really?
One thing is sure- FLUO or NEON was always on;)))

We hope that these photos will inspire you, make you smile or even bring up some memories!


p.s.: click here for Petrea's blog "Moda komoda"


  1. Ovo je i vise od super.Predobar post!!Evo listam i samo gledam.Ne znam koja mi je najbolja!!

  2. Genijalno! Toliko toga je nosivo i danas i ponovo u modi! Odusevio me je onaj neonski dzemper :)

    1. By the way, imas na mom blogu nominaciju za dve nagrade :)

  3. Inspiring? Definately,every picture is inspiring and full of amazing style and colours x

    Great post,I just stumbled across you blog and love it,following of course.Happy Valentines x

  4. Genijalan post!
    Možda su čak i bili hrabriji...;)


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