Feb 26, 2012

Paris meets Split or My baby sister came to town

Name: Ivana 
Age: 26 and 5 months, according to my ID
Status: Self proclaimed hipster
Occupation: Pushing the boundaries of legal imagination @ SPLS, Paris
Fashion statement:  Fashion is not just about beauty, elegance and creativity. It merely mirrors one's aspirations, fears, ethical and political positioning in life. For me, fashion is just another  tool for challenging the intellectual status quo. Fashion calls into question and debunks our anchored social conventions and divides, in a ( not always though) playful manner. It is politics by other means.

 jacket:Zara. dress: American Apparel. tights: Accessorize. bra: American Apparel. shoes: Steve Maden. clutch: Louis Vuitton. camea broach: vintage.

 shirt: hm. skirt: Francois Beauregard. sweater: Pimkie. tights: Calzedonia. shoes: Tod's. watch necklace: Urban Outfitters.book: Journal Ravages.

shirt: Urban Outfitters. jacket: American Apparel. shorts: Zara. tights: Calzedonia. shoes: Converse. scarf: American Apparel. ring: hm. mac: Mac Book Air


  1. Nista bez starki i leopard printa!

  2. She's really really sensational !

    Like, the kind you wanna be friends with so that other girls will be jealous and try to get you. Feelin' me ?

    1. yeah...i kind of see what you are talking about..


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