Oct 29, 2012

Let's talk about Jelena Stefanovic

Oh dear! Its that time of year again, the 'fashion weeks time of year'.
This week it's Belgrade. Everyone is going crazy about it, writing about it posting photos etc. I find it sooooo tiring! Don't get me wrong, I love fashion weeks, I spent years and years on that catwalk and running around that backstage but to write about it its very different.
There are so many shows, so many designers, so many fashion weeks... its just impossible to keep up. So since I'm not crazy about 'look at me, I'm so cool, I'm following all the shows'kinda posts, I'm just gonna be very selfish and write about my all time favorites;)
This time - Jelena Stefanovic
I already wrote about this wonderful lady in january last year.
Fell free to refresh your memory by clicking here!!

Her new collection is out and its wonderful! 
Unfortunately I couldn't be there to see the show but as soon as I reach Belgrade I'll be running to her store;)
If you are in Belgrade, I suggest you do the same! 
Visit her atelier in Strahinjica Bana 21 and for her Facebook page, other collections and more info click here!

Et voila! f/w 2012. by Jelena Stefanovic

photo : Andjela Grozdanic


  1. Gledala sam njenu reviju, fantasticno! :)

  2. da divna je! tako zenstveno!obozavam ovu plavu boju!

    1. I jaa, svidja mi se mnogo haljina sa donjim plavim delom ima sliceve sa strane! :)

  3. simple chic, u najboljem izdanju!



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