Jan 8, 2012

..and on the 7th day, God created Ana Ljubinkovic!

No, this is not the story about Ana Ljubinkovic. That one is 10 pages long and still 'work in progress'.
This is about how one single dress can make it all better! 
p.s.: be careful, you can fly really fast in this one!

dress: Ana Ljubinkovic, collection Galactic (colors edition). shoes: Aldo.

visit Ana's website or her blog!


  1. A carape?? sjajne su :))

  2. carape najsjajnije imaju i sav pozadi, donirala pre mnogo godina mama Mira jednog decka Vlade:)

  3. Aha, znaci satenske.. prelepe su i kombinacija je odlicna :)


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