Mar 26, 2013


 sweatshirt: Ognjena for YUGOCHIC. pants: Levi's. ballerinas: TopShop. bag: Vivienne Westwood.


Loving my new yugochic tank made especially for me by my sista' and fellow blogger 
Ognjena@YUGOCHIC ! 
 tank: Ognjena for YUGOCHIC. pants: h&m. sweater: cardigan: h&m. shoes: Zara.

Mar 7, 2013

I can pretend, can't I?

Pretend to go out.Pretend to wear high heels.Ouch.Not to worry, crutches are right next to me;)

 shirt: h&m. skirt: American Apparel. hat: h&m. gloves: h&m. shades: h&m.

Mar 5, 2013

Panic Attack!

Injured? Chained to bed? ( ok thats not true Im hopping around the flat ;)) Unable to dress up or go out?
DON'T PANIC! Take it out on your hair!
It takes some bleach, some Manic Panic, one best friend and there you go!
I almost forgot how much I liked my pink highlights last year!
Bad thing, it lasts for like a second. Good thing, I have nothing better to do! ( ok, a lie, but you know what I mean;))